Bring comfort and hope to children with Bubba the Bear.


The free book tells the story of Bubba the Bear, who was burned in a campfire accident and heals from his wounds with skin grafts.


Support children as they understand how burn injuries can happen to anyone and how skin grafts can help treat them.


The plush Bubba the Bear stuffed animal travels with the child during their treatment of severe burns. Hospital staff can add to or change the bandages to match the child’s bandages.

Request your free Bubba the Bear kit and you'll receive

A plush stuffed animal with bandages that can be removed and changed

Interactive reading and coloring book, available in English and Spanish

Box of eight crayons with primary and secondary colors

Drawstring backpack in the shape of Bubba the Bear to carry the kit

The Bubba the Bear Program and Kit are available to all Community Tissue Services burn center customers free of charge. Simply complete the form below and we will confirm your order shortly.