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4 About the Center for Tissue Innovation Research Community Tissue Services has committed to the advancement of tissue banking with the opening of the Center for Tissue Innovation and Research. The Center for Tissue Innovation and Research a state-of-the-art facility allows us to extend our abilities to service the allograft needs within communities around the world. Our facility capabilities include Licenses Accreditation Community Tissue Services is registered with the Food and Drug Administration FDA accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks AATB and maintains all applicable state licenses. The Center for Tissue Innovation and Research is ISO 134852003 certied. For access to all of our licenses and certicates please visit www. communitytissue.orghealthcareprofessionals Scan code to learn more about our Licenses Accreditation 94000 square foot facility Fourteen class 100 clean rooms with laminar air ow 5000 square foot research and development wing Over 40000 grafts released within our distribution inventory Strategic levels of skin grafts on hand for disasters