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Allograft Size Graft Code DermaPure Decellularized Dermal Allograft 1 cm x 2 cm 010200HD 2 cm x 2 cm 020200HD 2 cm x 3 cm 020300HD 3 cm x 4 cm 030400HD 4 cm x 6 cm 040600HD DERMAL ALLOGRAFTS dCELL Technology utilizes an elegant proprietary process. Allografts produced using dCELL Technology maintain a very high degree of the properties deemed essential for an environment conducive to effective tissue regeneration. dCELL Technology does not rely on the use of high-concentration detergents that may compromise tissue structure dCELL Technology does not involve the use of chemical xatives which can impede native cell migration DermaPure is appropriate for use in all clinical settings.2 DermaPure generally requires no surgical setting general anesthetic or hospital stay. DermaPure requires no thawing no rehydrating no special storage. DermaPure is stored at ambient temperature and comes hydrated with only a simple rinse required prior to use. For all orders please contact Tissue Regenix at 1-855-452-0133 or 31 DermaPure allografts are available in ve convenient sizes. References 1. International consensus Acellular matrices for the treatment of wounds an expert working group review. London Wounds International 2010. 2. Greaves NS Benatar B Baguneid M Bayat A. Single-stage application of a novel decellularized dermis for treatment-resistant lower limb ulcers Positive outcomes assessed by SIAscopy laser perfusion and 3D imaging with sequential timed histological analysis. Wound Repair Regen. 2013216 812-822.